• Identification and analysis of potential new compounds for the dietary supplement industry
  • Analysis of existing and new products and ideas on the market (product screening)
  • Development of scientific arguments to support sales of nutrients and supplements
  • Analysis and identification of scientific studies, summary of simple messages for sales support
  • Creation of scientific networks to independent supporters and local opinion leaders
  • Writing articles in magazines and books about the meaning and usage of nutrients
  • Writing consumer understandable books about nutrition and target groups
  • Editor of the German nutritional magazine “Vitalstoffe”
  • Working closely with producers of nutritional raw materials
  • Trade fairs and conferences on the subject of nutrition and health
  • Network to raw material suppliers, researchers, media, publishers, customers, organizations
  • Visiting of customers and presenting new products, ideas, technologies and concepts
  • Assistance in the development of marketing strategies, key markets, key accounts
  • Training of sales teams, customer groups, such as studio owners, pharmacists, doctors …
  • Creation of brochures, presentations and other promotional materials on nutrients and products
  • Giving presentations to customers, exhibitions, seminars and conferences
  • Cooperation with organizations, publishers, authors, and journalists, contract manufacturers
  • Help in developing proactive PR and crisis PR campaigns
  • Development of Co-Marketing strategies, differentiation from competition, customer reliability
  • Analysis of product portfolios, development of ideas to complement existing product portfolios
  • Joint visits of companies, organizations etc. and presenting new raw materials and product ideas

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